Founding Seaquest Ltd. in 1993, Mike and Dawn Eaton set up their first factory based in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. Building a range of sailing mono-hulls between 32ft to 45ft, Seaquest utilised world-renowned yacht designers to the likes of Reichel-Pugh and Stephen Jones. Designs focused on performance racing yachts while providing comfort of cruising. 

Mike’s activities have allowed Eaton Marine to remain on the forefront of sailing yacht manufacturing in the UAE. Eaton Marine offers customised, high-speed passenger ferries. Proven vessel designs are suited to a range of applications from high volume commuter services to tourism oriented operations. Interior layout, speed, and sea-worthiness are optimised to match the required service.

2022 Project - The Making Of SQ46

We aim to capture our journey and behind the scenes action of our latest project, The Seaquest Catamaran 46.
We aim to bring you more updates on the build of our
innovative and iconic Catamaran.

JuLY 2023 Update

MAY 2023 Update

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2022 project - Visuals of SQ46

The synergy between elite design, build excellence and progressive technology achieves a completely new level of performance. Advanced hull design, semi carbon-fibre construction and acute attention to weight throughout, deliver speed without compromising an ounce of comfort.